Cosplay of the day

San Diego Comic Con is almost here. Some people love the movie and television panels, some like artist’s alley and others love the collectibles. Me…I love all of that stuff, but what always makes the conventions enjoyable are all the cosplay. Good or bad, I appreciate the fact that the fans do their best to bring some fun to the conventions.

Here’s a few fun ones to start getting in the mood for SDCC.


cosplay 001354 cosplay 001122 cosplay 001074 cosplay 000622 cosplay 000611 cosplay 000600 cosplay 000275 cosplay 000231 cosplay 001675 cosplay 002007 cosplay 000009 cosplay 001972 cosplay 000010 cosplay 000015 cosplay 000019 cosplay 000118 cosplay 001442Cosplay-New-York-Comic-Con Cosplay-New-York-Comic-Con Cosplay-New-York-Comic-Con cosplay 002777 cosplay 002771 cosplay 002529 cosplay 002450 cosplay 000002 cosplay 002179 cosplay 002174 cosplay 002075 cosplay 002064 cosplay 002269 cosplay 001855 cosplay 000897 cosplay 000861 cosplay 000823

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