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Magneto responsible for the death of JFK in the X-Men: Days of Future Past universe

As Marvel Comics and Twentieth Century Fox studios prepare for the next X-Men film, they are starting to put out some great promotional material. Starting with a cool video and website where Magneto is responsible for the assassination of JFK.

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Superman 75th Anniversay Animated Short

Absolutely love this animated short celebrating superman’s 75th Anniversary. A perfect blend of a little bit of everything that has kept Superman as one of the most enduring icons in comics.

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Professor X just keeps firing X-Men.

Comedian Pete Holmes has a series of vignettes that he airs on his self titled show where he appears as Professor X and keeps firing “useless” members from his team. It’s fun to watch as he keeps going down the

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Robocop 2014 – Trailers

Normally I’m not a huge fan of reboots. It seems there are way too many of them being produced in Hollywood nowadays. A large majority of them seem unnecessary and don’t seem to bring anything new to the established story,

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